Save The Youth Madagascar – March 2018 Update

Save The Youth Madagascar – An Affiliate of The Family Africa

Activities at the CBA orphanage.

We are always very grateful for the donors who help us to supply rice and grain to the CBA orphanage. Before we started this ongoing project, the children were suffering from malnutrition and hunger, and several of the older ones had even run away from the center to find some food. This month again, we were able to bring them 500 kg of very nourishing local red rice, 100 kg of dried beans, eggs, oil, etc…. After story time we cooked them a very nourishing meal.

To give you a better idea of the situation of some of the children at the centre, we are including these photos of Miranto, 9, and her little brother, Tendry, 4.  In fact, they are 4 brothers and sisters, and the older brother and sister are young teenagers who are also living at the centre.  Their father died 3 years ago and sadly the mother became a prostitute to support her children. But she couldn’t cope so she left them with their 85-year-old grandmother.

​Since they are from a village close to the CBA, a few years ago Haja noticed them staying at their poor grandmother’s and so she decided to welcome them at the centre with their grandma’s agreement, where they are fed, housed and educated.


Antanimora (with the help of  Minaz, Voahangy, Michou and Nanou)

We were also able to visit the 125 underage inmates in the Antanimora Central Prison and we conducted a workshop on anger and fighting, which are recurrent problems in the prison. They listened well and participated, and we hope that it will have a positive effect on their attitudes and actions.

The guard made this very encouraging comment : “Several groups come to visit the young people from time to time, but generally they are very unruly and unresponsive. But when you guys come, they listen well and are always calmer, even after you leave, and they love the food you bring them!”

This time, the boys enjoyed chicken liver mousse sandwiches, pastries, dragées (sugared almonds –it was the first time in their lives they ate some!) and received fish, rice and oil for their dinner.

Our mission is to reach out to the most forgotten in society and to bring hope and change in their lives