“Seniors and Millennials: Working Together for the Sustainable Development Goals”

On October 10, 2018, the Association of Former International Civil Servants for Development (Greycells) will celebrate its tenth anniversary by holding a dialogue at the Palais des Nations between representatives of seniors and millennials entitled: “Seniors and Millennials: Working Together for the Global Goals “ 

The views of both generations will be exchanged and compared: on the one hand, older people’s experience and advice, on the other hand, youth’s future projects and hopes. What are the views of the Millennials on the legacy and responsibilities of the older generation regarding the SDGs? How do the Millennials view their own later years, and what are their expectations? How do seniors view the opinions they had when they were young as compared to the Millennials’ views? How can both young and old generations learn and benefit from each other in achieving the SDGs? 

During the days preceding the Dialogue, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the views, questions and comments of the young generation on the role of seniors will be gathered through a world-wide social media campaign, organized in cooperation with the UN Secretariat. 

Greycells, in consultation with all partners contributing to the commemorative event, will prepare substantive inputs on the role of seniors and millennials in achieving each SDG, with a view to launching and stimulating the campaign. Selected questions and comments will serve as a basis for the dialogue. The results of both the campaign and the Dialogue will be disseminated all over the world through the above-mentioned social media, as well as by specialized journalists. 

The Dialogue will be introduced by the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Mr. Michael Møller, and by Ms. Esther Alder, President of the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity of the City of Geneva. It will focus on poverty, inequality and migration; employment, retirement and professional projects; environment; gender: equal rights and opportunities. The moderator, Mr. Jeremy Seydoux, will facilitate the interactive discussion with the public. 

The campaign and the dialogue have the benefit of participation by: The Seniors’ City of the City of Geneva, the Platform of associations of senior people in Geneva, Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN), Young-UN, the Parliament of Young people in Geneva and Rotaract Geneva International. 

The Dialogue will be conducted in French with interpretation into English, it will last two hours and will be followed by a reception hosted by Greycells and its partners, with the kind participation of the United Nations Jazz Ensemble.