Save the Youth Madagascar: An affiliate of The Family Africa

The activities this past month have been very varied, due to so many needs around us as well as many ongoing projects.


Leilani and some of our friends have started to do paint murals on the walls of the dormitories of the orphanage CBA, to make them inspiring and cheer up the children. These young people are really sweet and have a heart to help the poor children and we really enjoy their partnership.


Due to the cold weather, the coldest winter since we have been here, we kept on distributing winter clothes around us, as well as blankets to the young minors of the jail, who don’t have any warm clothes and are suffering from the cold at night as the temperature get close to zero at times.


The children of the CBA orphanage continue to go to the dentist and it will probably take some time as they are about 60 of them, who never had a dentist checkup in their lives !


We have been able to buy monthly food sucid:image004.jpg@01D1E80A.27FBDEB0pplies to the CBA orphanage, allowing us at the same time to cook them a very nice meal, of which they are always very thankful. This does not cover all their needs, of course, but it helps a lot and brings variety and improvement to their diet.


Our work continues with the minors of the jail, who are living in very difficult conditions, especially during the winter. Every month, we are able to bring them food for their body as well as for their soul. This month, the story was about a young prisoner exiled in Siberia, and the different lessons of love, applying God’s Word to our lives and forgiveness. Some of the young people are quite rough, but we trust the Lord that the seeds we plant into their hearts will one day yield lasting fruit.

The construction work of the 2 schools is progressing, slowly but surely. It is amazing the obstacles that we find on our way here, each time we do some construction projects : the last ones being sand mixed with mud, the contractor forgetting to include many important details, like the cost of materials for doors and windows, as well as the ceiling, etc…. We always wonder if there will be more each time we meet him.

Through the fundraising and materials collecting, we have been able to meet new friends and donors. We met our last donor at another’s donor’s place where we were collecting iron rods. He just donated enough funds to build school tables and benches for 200 children who will be attending one of the schools we are helping

Source: The Family Africa