The Family Africa

What a wonderful Youth Day with about 50 plus volunteers cele­brating Youth Day with us at our centre. Volunteers from Cosmo Christian Centre, ranging in age from 12 to 18 yrs spent 8 hours with us. We divided them into different teams, cooking, gardening, clean­ing the playground and playing with the children. They all did an amazing job keeping the kids occupied and happy all day and serving them a lovely meal. We also had time to conduct a interactive HIV awareness programme with them so that they would understand the nature and devastating impact of HIV in South Africa. Our brief from the youth leaders was to help these teens, who come from privileged backgrounds, understand what it is like to live in a squatter camp so part of the programme was to take groups right into the heart of the squatter camp and do a home visit for one of our support group mem­bers. When they was the conditions she lived in with no electricity, running water or even windows for security reasons – a half blind sick woman enduring terrible conditions – many of them were moved to tears. (We did not take photos of the shack and the lady because we felt it would be intrusive.) The teens went away with a different per­spective on their lives, which has made them feel more appreciative of what they have. We look forward to seeing them again in the not too distant future.

The Family Africa Blanket Drive is going well with blan­kets pouring in.
This week YFM Radio Presenters, staff and friends brought over 100 lovely blankets to distribute to our Free Day Care Centre and our orphan group. Everyone was thrilled.

Don’t forget Mandela Day

Mandela Day is Monday, July 18th.
Where ever you are spend 67 minutes reaching out to others to celebrate his life.
*: The Family Africa is a NGO and WFO Member that brings real hope for the future to thousands of people from previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa.

The organization’s work follow a holistic approach to welfare involving the mind, body and spirit. To this end we work on three levels:

1. Short Term: Immediate relief through feeding schemes, provision of clothing and blankets and response to local disasters.

2. Medium term: Education and training including basic skills training, HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in primary and secondary schools and the production of materials to assist prevention and promote attitude change.

3. Long Term: Spiritual, emotional and psychological support.

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